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Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Enrolment Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling in your chosen course. A link to these details is also included in the Enrolment Form.


  1. To reserve your place in a course, fees must be paid as outlined on the relevant course page. For a short course, this may require payment in full and for longer courses, a deposit will be required followed by monthly instalment payments (or as negotiated). Late enrolments are accepted in some circumstances where places are available.
  2. In common with other educational institutions, fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless a course, module or workshop is cancelled by the College. In this instance, a full refund is provided including any enrolment fee.
  3. Refunds for cancellation/withdrawal can be granted for course fees paid less a $250 administration fee per module (note that some courses have more than one module), provided advice of cancellation/withdrawal is received in writing prior to the commencement of the course or module. NOTE: Once you have logged into your online classroom, your course or module is deemed to have commenced. Please advise the reason for cancellation/withdrawal on the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form with supporting documentation. Choose your courses carefully as unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for changes in your personal circumstances or work commitments which occur after the commencement of your course or module. Any course fees outstanding are still due and payable. For any modules that have not been commenced when a course has been paid in full, the remaining fees minus a $250 administration fee can be applied as a credit transfer to another CIVT course. 
  4. In multi-modular courses, a ‘transfer’ is defined as a change from one module to the next within the same course. No fees apply to transfers if the course fees are fully paid or you have set up an active instalment payment plan. Please note that there are maximum periods of study for each module and course. Exceeding the agreed period of study may incur an 'extension of time' fee. Please note that in multi-modular courses progression to further modules is based on the satisfactory completion of prior modules, i.e. progression is sequential. We reserve the right to delay progression in your course if your fees are not paid or up to date. Transfer between different courses is not an option in normal circumstances.
  5. Our Service Quality Commitment ensures that the College is responsible for the quality of its Training and Assessment Services in compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015 and for the issuance of the AQF certification documentation. Once you have commenced your course, CIVT is committed to completing the delivery of the training and assessment within the agreed duration and will further negotiate the timing for completion of the training and assessment if you are unable to complete the course due to illness or extenuating circumstances. We offer a Leave of Absence/Deferral option and a Course Extension of Time option. It is your responsibility to alert us if you require either of these. Once you submit your application, you will be directed to a payment page. Please contact the Student Services Manager (enrolment@civtedu.org) before applying and paying.
  6. Leave of Absence/Deferral: If you wish to defer your studies or take a 'leave of absence', you need to complete the appropriate form. The term ‘deferment’ applies to suspending your course access for a period of time of up to one year (negotiable based on circumstances). You may be asked for documentary evidence to support your deferral request. Routinely, a 'leave of absence' due to family or work commitments will be granted for up to three months without a requirement for documentary evidence. We rely on professional honesty in this process. ‘Leave of absence’ is limited to three months per year, unless negotiated with the RTO Manager. During a deferral or ‘leave of absence’ you will no longer have access to your course. The period of deferment or ‘leave of absence’ is not included in the overall time taken for course completion. If you are paying for your course by instalments, you must continue your payments during this period.
  7. Course Extension of Time: There are maximum periods of study for each course and module. Exceeding the agreed period of study may incur an 'extension of time' fee. For any course an extension may be granted up to or equal to the maximum period of study for that particular course (for example, for a course with six months maximum access you may apply for extensions of no more than six months in total). If your course is not completed within these absolute limits, you may be required to re-enrol into the course and pay the full fee. We reserve the right to withdraw students who do not complete their courses within these time frames. Under special circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a ‘course extension of time’ (and still be able to access your studies) and be granted an additional three months of study upon written application if you become seriously ill, are a victim of a crime, suffer hardship or trauma. Supporting documentation must accompany the written application. Upon approval, the following extension fees apply. Note that if you are residing in Australia these do not include GST and the fees are $55, $165, $330 and $660 respectively:
    1. One month extension - $50 (only suitable if you have almost completed a short course)
    2. Three month extension - $150 (only suitable for a single module)
    3. Six month extension - $300 (suitable if you are close to finishing a Certification course)
    4. One year extension - $600 (suitable for those who need to complete four or more modules)
  8. To assist your budget, fees are charged on a per-course or module basis. We do have flexible payment plans for some courses (see your chosen course for details of fees). Note that for courses where payments are made per module, no Certificates or Statements of Attainment will be supplied until all modules have been completed and fees paid.
  9. The College reserves the right to vary the course structure, teaching staff, fees or class schedule at any time. It is at the College's discretion to discontinue offering a course or module as deemed necessary. In the case that a course or module that you have enrolled in and paid full fees for is discontinued, a full refund will be provided upon your written application. The College reserves the right to refuse any enrolment as permitted by law. The College is legally obliged to comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and therefore the maximum periods for course completion as outlined in your course information package are an indication only and may be subject to change.
  10. By enrolling in a College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) course or module, you agree to be bound by these Enrolment Terms and Conditions and the College Policies. Policy details are available online and include a Privacy Policy, Refund PolicyCompliments, Complaints and Appeals Policy. Further information is available in the CIVT Student Handbook.