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Veterinary Student Membership

You can participate in natural medicine by taking advantage of CIVT’s FREE membership for currently enrolled veterinary undergraduate students and new graduates through until the end of the first year following graduation. You will receive the same benefits as full fee-paying veterinary members.

Your complimentary CIVT membership will help you explore new opportunities and learn the evidence base and safe use of herbs and acupuncture for animals in veterinary medicine. Something for you to consider while you're thinking about where you're heading next.

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Membership Benefits

  • New veterinary forum and live Q&A sessions with faculty members
  • FREE access to the Animal Diet Formulator - https://animaldietformulator.com/ (individual subscription is normally $300 USD per year)
  • FREE Taster Course to introduce you to a range of integrative modalities
  • Access to a library of FREE webinars - click here to view the list of titles available for immediate access
  • Three FREE new continuing education webinars per year, presented by world leaders in the area of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine valued at $210. These webinars are selected by CIVT and represent a range of important topics we feel you must know
  • 20% discount on every CIVT webinar
  • Extended course enrolments (value of up to $180 per course)
  • Access to the Journal of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (JIVT)
  • Access to news and full research papers
  • Access to the Natural Medicines Database (individual subscription is normally $299 USD) PLUS access to the American Botanical Council Library (professional membership normally $150-170 USD)
  • A listing in our public referral directory with practice contact details listed on the CIVT website (only for practicing graduates)
  • A membership certificate suitable for framing 

As a member of CIVT you will be part of a growing organisation, dedicated to the development of natural medicine and its integration into animal health care.

FREE Newsletter Subscription

Stay up to date with CIVT news, specialist information, course notification updates, recent research and other relevant information to assist you in your practice. Members automatically receive our newsletter, however you do not need to be a member to receive our free newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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CIVT’s Journal (JIVT)

The Journal of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (JIVT) is the first international veterinary publication addressing evidence based natural medicine for animals.

This modern, clinically relevant journal is issued twice a year. JIVT publishes material on all aspects of integrative veterinary therapies including case reports, research articles, research updates, book reviews, commentary and other relevant information. Copies are available to the entire Membership and Friends of CIVT, with limited sample copies available for those interested in finding out more and joining the College.

Download a sample of the Journal of Integrative Veterinary Therapies for free, and read a fascinating excerpt from Dr Steve Marsden's book 'Essential Guide to Chinese Herbal Formulas - Bridging Science and Tradition in Integrative Veterinary Medicine', a great article 'Approaching disease globally by addressing ‘leaky gut syndrome' by Dr Alexia Tsakiris, plus interesting case reports and monographs.