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Complaints and Appeals Policy

Compliments, Complaints and Appeals

CIVT’s Management actively seeks its students’ feedback as part of its commitment to high standards through its Continuous Improvement process. To support this, CIVT’s Management offers the following range of services:



CIVT students are actively encouraged to provide any positive feedback about their experiences with the College or any suggestions of improvement within the College’s existing programs or services, via email, student surveys or an anonymous letter to the college.



CIVT endeavours to provide quality services and training however should a student wish to make a complaint the College welcomes the chance to improve its systems through consultative and constructive feedback from its students. It offers support through direct contact with the College and through access to feedback collection systems and appeals or complaints processes and policies.

Should a student feel that they have been unfairly treated, a miscommunication has occurred, a level of service not provided or a problem encountered with a team member, they are asked to communicate their experiences in order to ensure a resolution is found to every situation.

CIVT is committed to dealing with complaints in a timely and constructive way. If wishing to make a complaint concerning any aspect of CIVT’s services and training, the student should refer to the following processes:


Students may submit a complaint in writing directly to CIVT’s Staff by emailing it to, with the purpose to resolve the complaint through discussion and through mutual agreement.

  • All complaints received will be forwarded to CIVT’s Management and acknowledged in writing.
  • CIVT’s Management are required to explain to the student the informal and formal complaints processes available to them.
  • All informal complaints when finalised shall be reviewed by CIVT’s Management for consideration for potential Continuous Improvement actions.
  • All informal complaints that are not resolved with students by mutual agreement with CIVT’s Management will require the completion of the formal complaints process.


When a student wishes to submit a formal complaint or is dissatisfied with the attempt to resolve a complaint informally, the student may submit a formal complaint to CIVT’s Management utilising the 'Student Complaint Form' available in MYCIVT and emailing it to

  • CIVT’s Management will respond in writing to all formal student complaints within five (5) days of receipt of a 'Student Complaint Form' proposing a resolution to the complaint.
  • When a complaint is recognised as requiring more than 60 calendar days to resolve, CIVT’s Management will inform the student in writing, including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required, and regularly update the student on the progress of the matter.
  • CIVT’s Management’s responses to the student shall include information and procedures concerning the student’s right to appeal the proposed solution and request for an independent adjudicator.
  • All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated to ensure quality outcomes are achieved from negative experiences.
  • In the event of a student advising that they are dissatisfied with the proposed solution for a formal complaint to CIVT’s Management, the RTO Manager shall provide an additional opportunity to provide a solution via the external complaints process.


The RTO Manager shall advise the student that an Independent Third Party ( will consider the nature of the complaint and a possible further resolution at no cost to the student.

  • CIVT’s Management shall make contact with the Independent Third Party and provide all documentation related to the formal complaint and student contact details.
  • Independent adjudication responses must be within seven (7) days from the date that all formal complaint documentation is provided to the Independent Third Party.
  • When an external complaint process is recognised as requiring more than 60 calendar days to resolve, CIVT’s Management must inform the student in writing, including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required,  and regularly update the student on the progress of the matter.
  • On receipt of the formal complaint documentation, the Independent Third Party shall make contact with CIVT’s Management and the student and arrange a suitable time for further discussion pertaining to the formal complaint.
  • All Independent Third Party proposed solutions shall be final and be reported to CIVT’s Management and the student in writing and will require immediate implementation by both parties.


Assessment Appeals

An appeal is a request by a student for reconsideration of an unfavourable assessment result.

CIVT’s Management has a policy to allow its students to appeal any results and learning outcomes should the student feel that the work was not appropriately graded.

Should a student receive a ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ result for an assessment completed and submitted within its expected duration they should take the following steps:

  • Resubmit a further attempt with guidance from CIVT’s Training and Assessing staff, or
  • Appeal the result.

If a decision is being appealed, the student must present this in writing via email and specify the particulars of the decision or finding in dispute.

Should a student’s resubmission still result in a ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ then they are able to submit one further attempt or appeal the result.

CIVT’s Training and Assessing staff are required to:

  • Clarify for the student any aspects of the assessment results that they do not understand in a timely manner.
  • Explain the appeals processes available to them and provide each student that requests an assessment appeal with the required 'Assessment Appeal form’ available in MYCIVT.
  • Communicate directly via email as soon as possible with CIVT’s Management on any advice provided by a student that they are seeking to appeal an assessment decision.

All assessment appeals will be processed by CIVT’s Management within ten (10) days of receipt of an appeal and the outcome communicated with the student. All assessment appeals will be maintained on the student’s file and the student’s records will be adjusted to comply with CIVT’s Management appeal outcome decisions.

If the student is still dissatisfied with the outcome of the assessment appeal they should follow the formal complaints process outlined above.