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Is natural medicine study for me?

So why do you want to learn about natural medicine?

  • You want new treatment options for your patients
  • You want to be able to integrate evidence-based natural medicine into your practice
  • You are frustrated with the limitations of the tools at hand
  • You want to be philosophically nourished and inspired
  • You want competence and confidence in a new field
  • You are simply curious and want to explore a new interest
  • Your clients are asking about it
  • You want to reinvigorate your passion for animal health
  • You want to build on previous studies in natural medicine
  • You want to gain a recognised qualification in natural medicine

If you have said yes to any one of these, and you are still not sure what course is right for you, contact us for advice. You may just want to dip in and try something; dabble a bit, or take your studies further with a recognised qualification.

Our model is natural animal health care delivered within a veterinary practice framework. Our courses are rigorous, challenging and engaging. Not only will we transform the way you think about animal health and natural medicine, but we will also transform the way you feel about practice!