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Benefits of Studying with us

Studying with us means you will be able to:

  1. Gain access to world-class education with the support of expert teachers from around the globe.
  2. Gain Certificates or other qualifications in your area of interest without attending the campus.
  3. Be at the leading edge of the emerging field of integrative animal healthcare.
  4. Reinvigorate and broaden your professional interests and career.
  5. Confidently and competently advise on effective, evidence-based treatment options for animals.
  6. Professionally and safely integrate natural medicine for animal health.
  7. Network with other professionals.
  8. Contact your College from anywhere in the world by email, phone, fax, chat or skype with one single point of contact.
  9. Become a Member of this global College with a common vision towards integrating natural medicine into mainstream animal health.
  10. Apply the fundamentals of natural medicine to your own needs so that you are better able to care for others.