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Certification in Clinical Integrative Canine Rehabilitation


12 Months

130 hours; compulsory clinical application - 30 hours (approx.)

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About the Course

Interest in the practice of canine rehabilitation began in the late 1980s in the USA and gained momentum into the '90s. Most veterinarians have felt a need to improve post-operative care, and indeed the care of patients suffering from chronic disease. The advent of the information age has also created a demand for improved techniques and services. Physiotherapy is an established profession in human medicine and this has followed into the field of animal therapy.  Canine physical rehabilitation is an emerging field in veterinary medicine so a body of experience still needs to be built up, but researchers and surgeons are adding to this regularly. The benefits in veterinary medicine are now being acknowledged.

This course is designed for rapid clinical integration of new skills and knowledge and provides strategies to develop therapeutic programs for frequently occurring conditions that respond well to physical rehabilitation and other integrative therapies, in conjunction with more conventional surgery and pharmacological interventions as required. The aim of integrative rehabilitation is always to optimize outcomes for patients and clients.

Developed and mentored by Dr Tanya Grantham BSc (Hons) BVSc (Univ. of Pta, S. Africa) CCRP (Univ of Tennessee, USA) CCBW, this course is comprised of two modules of study taken over 12 months in total. The two modules will run concurrently. On successful completion of BOTH modules, the veterinarian will receive their Certification in Clinical Integrative Canine Rehabilitation.

Listen to Dr Grantham explaining her motivation in developing the course HERE.

Please note that this is an evidence-based course delivered by qualified and experienced practitioners but is not an Australian government-accredited qualification.

Communication and course materials

  • Detailed lecture notes
  • Additional readings
  • Lectures with video demonstrations


Please note that successful completion of this course requires clinical application of skills and knowledge. Assessment includes:
  • On-line quizzes throughout the course
  • Three case write-ups (one orthopedic and one neurological; third can be either) - clinical notes demonstrating complete physical examination (including neurological examination), additional diagnostic information if applicable, diagnosis and integrative treatment regime (including appropriate pharmacological treatment) over a minimum of six visits (for each case)


  • 20 RACE Credits
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Dr Tanya Grantham
Dr Susan Wagner

Meet the Tutors and Lecturers

Dr Tanya Grantham
BSc (Hons) BVSc (Univ. of Pta,,S. Africa) CCRP (Univ of Tennessee, USA) CCBW (USA) CVA (Chi Institute, USA) Canine Sports Medicine CRI (USA)
Dr. Tanya Grantham qualified as a veterinarian in 1994. She is now the owner of Animal Health and Hydro, a facility dedicated to physical rehabilitation and pain management in dogs and cats. Aside from a burning desire to enhance the quality...
5 Webinars and 1 Course
Dr. Susan Wagner is a veterinary neurologist whose pioneering work acknowledges the spiritual interaction between people and animals. She received her DVM, MS, and neurology training from The Ohio State University. Dr. Wagner is also passionate...
3 Webinars and 3 Courses

What will you Learn

Module 1 - Canine Integrative Physical Rehabilitation

(12 topics; 15 video lectures which include detailed video footage of therapeutic physical rehabilitation; detailed lecture notes PLUS clinical support as you implement the skills in practie)

  • Introduction – terminology, uses, outcomes
  • Canine musculo-skeletal and mobility examination
  • Tissue repairimmobilization, disuse and remobilization
  • Canine...
Module 1 - Canine Integrative Physical Rehabilitation

(12 topics; 15 video lectures which include detailed video footage of therapeutic physical rehabilitation; detailed lecture notes PLUS clinical support as you implement the skills in practie)

  • Introduction – terminology, uses, outcomes
  • Canine musculo-skeletal and mobility examination
  • Tissue repairimmobilization, disuse and remobilization
  • Canine Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease in dogs
  • Other common neurological conditions in dogs
  • Cranial cruciate ligament disease
  • Patella luxation
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Radial Nerve Paralysis and the Amputee
  • Multimodal pain management (4 lectures):
    • Pain management assessment and pharmacological treatment
    • Multimodal pain management from a TCVM and herbal perspective
    • Nutraceuticals, DMOAs, nutrition, regenerative medicine to control pain
    • Rehabilitation and exercise therapy for pain management
Module 2 - Veterinary Clinical Neurology for Physical Rehabilitation
  • Practical Approaches to Clinical Neurology including step-by-step to effectively and efficiently conducting a neurological examination (4 lectures)
  • Neuroplasticity, Bioenergetics and the Brain includes differential diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of fore and hindbrain injury (4 lectures)
  • Spinal Cord Disease, Differential Diagnoses and Treatment (3 lectures)
  • Case Studies in Clinical Neurology (1 lecture)
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Before you take the course

Below requirements are needed before you can take this course.

This course is veterinarian and veterinary technicians and nurses only - please make sure you have your veterinary licence details (State and number) on hand when you enrol

Course Testimonials

Get inspired with our student journeys.

"I just wished to thank you for a wonderfully taught and well organised rehabilitation course. I learnt a great deal and have been able to use the skills I have gained immediately with excellent outcomes.....even surprising the specialists! The course was concise on commonly seen ailments, yet detailed to provide comprehensive treatment plans for cases. I am so pleased I enrolled in the course."

Dr David Ward

"Prior to the Certification in Clinical Integrative Canine Rehabilitation course I had only some knowledge on canine rehabilitation - mainly laser therapy, underwater treadmill and veterinary acupuncture. The course helped me understand the basic principles of canine rehabilitation, diagnosis, goals, different treatment modalities and exercises (home and in consult). The course was easy to follow and the skills learnt are applicable and achievable by veterinarians in any small animal practice. I am a qualified veterinary acupuncturist and now implement my knowledge and new skills into every one of my sessions. Adding a home exercises regime for my clients to do has made a significant difference to the recovery time of my patients as well! Having existing knowledge on TCM, the course integrated this well. I appreciated that the course also ran though common conditions seen in practice and how these were assessed, worked up and treated. The before & after videos on specific cases that Tanya has treated in practice were great as well."

Dr Alison Shen
Dr Alison Shen, Australia, BVSc (hons), CVA, CCICR (CIVT)

"Tanya has done a thorough job compiling a great course and bunch of resources for those new to canine rehabilitation and those who are already implementing rehab in their practice. The course takes a "real world" approach by providing practical rehab exercises for different conditions that clinicians will find easy to teach and owners will find easy to learn." 

Dr Steve Denley

“A huge thank you to CIVT for consistently excellent continuing education programs and administrative support. Also, a big thank you to Dr Grantham for her very high-level work on this course, which is thoroughly researched and well presented, with excellent supporting materials, AND highly useful on a practical basis for day-to-day application in any vet practice. Not only that, but Dr Grantham is personally involved with the course and attentive and welcoming to the students.”

Dr Erika Bruner
United States of America

"I highly recommend the CIVT rehabilitation course. The mix of theory and practical introductions is very well balanced. The course has helped me a lot to establish rehabilitation in my practice and to gain new clients. By encouraging me to work on cases myself, I was able to quickly implement what I learned."

Dr Sonja Schirmer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This depends on the type of course you enrol in.

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The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies offers courses that are both challenging and rewarding. You can learn at your own pace under the tutelage of experts in their field. What you won’t need is to pay airfares, travel, hotel bills by participating in green education!

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you upon successful completion of the program, as per the stipulated requirements.

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