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The Extraordinary Vessels: a Classical Perspective


6 Weeks

30 hours

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About the Course

This course will revolutionize your practice - move your understanding of veterinary Chinese medicine to an advanced level!

The Extraordinary Vessels are the foundation of the channel system, providing the framework for the Primary, Divergent, Luo and Sinew Channels as well as the source of the Fundamental Substances of Chinese Medicine.  In understanding these Vessels from a philosophical and classical perspective it allows the veterinarian to discover clinical applications for their use in a variety of ailments from musculoskeletal to endocrine to behavioral problems and more.  The classical knowledge of these vessels, their relation to the Ba Gua and a brief discussion of their relation to the developing embryo will be discussed and explored.  Their clinical use in case examples will be given.

In addition, the Ancestral Sinew channels will be discussed in relation to the Extraordinary Vessels.  The use of the Ancestral Sinews for musculoskeletal and chronic disease has been one of the most profound additions to treatment strategies used by Dr. Boggie in the last 22 years.


Please note that this is an evidence-based course delivered by qualified and experienced practitioners but is not an Australian government-accredited qualification.

Communication and course materials

  • 15 hours of webinar style lectures
  • Course notes
  • Tutor support


Five quizzes and one case report utilising what you have learned

Dr Jodi Van Tine
Dr Linda Boggie

Meet the Tutors and Lecturers

Dr Jodi Van Tine
Dr. Jodi Van Tine received a Masters Degree in Cellular Immunology from San Jose State University in 1990. She earned the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the University of California, Davis, in 1994. For three years she practiced mixed...
2 Webinars and 9 Courses
Dr. Linda Boggie graduated from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. After graduation she worked in various practices including a 24 hour animal hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, locum work for various small animal...
3 Webinars and 2 Courses

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Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture
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