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Dr Christina Chambreau


United States of America United States of America
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Dr. Christina Chambreau was raised all over the globe, as her father served in the United States Air Force. At age 12, she worked on a school project with the Air Force Base Veterinarian in Tokyo which started a love of veterinary medicine that has continued to this day.

She earned her Veterinary Degree from the University of Georgia in 1980. While in veterinary school, she attended an Acupuncture short course taught by Drs. Marvin Cain and Grady Young, which cultivated an interest in holistic medicine.

After graduation, she became interested in Homeopathy and helped Dr. Pitcairn form the Academy of Homeopathy. Dr. Chambreau has taught an introductory homeopathy course for years, starting countless veterinarians on their holistic journeys.

She wrote the Healthy Animal Journal, a book that assists pet guardians in keeping an accurate health history, and has done remote holistic consulting and lecturing. Today, she consults with pet owners who want to provide holistic care for their pets.

Please enjoy this conversation with Dr. Christina Chambreau as we talk about attending veterinary school in the 1970's, her varied practice career, her outlook on holistic care for pets, and her current consulting practice.

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