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Dr Kelly Halls

1 Course

BVSc (hons), CVNN

Australia Australia
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Dr Halls was born in Melbourne, Australia. She got her Veterinary Science degree from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia in 2002. She then went into mixed animal practice in for a few years, followed by two years as a locum veterinarian in various parts of the UK. Returning home in 2007, she then worked in a small animal practice as well as an emergency practice. In 2015, she founded Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic in Mount Martha, Victoria. The practice emphasis is on integrative management of patient health through individualized nutrition, vaccine programs, and parasite control. Behavior is another focus area of the practice, by use of behavior based handling techniques and offering puppy training classes from the nursing staff.

Courses Handled (1)

Certification Veterinary Natural Nutrition
6 Months
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