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Dr Vicky Simon

BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Podcast Guest

Dr Simon was raised in Somerset, UK and knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a Veterinarian. She earned her veterinary degree from the Royal College in London in 2012, and immediately afterwards started a two year course in Western Veterinary Herbalism.

She took a position in an Integrative small animal practice in the Yorkshire region of the UK and then one in another similar practice in West Sussex UK. She earned her MF Hom degree in 2019. In 2020, she opened her own holistic practice, Holistic Vet Vicky. She offers her patients nutritional consultations, Western herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

She primarily treats dogs and cats, but also works with horses and other smaller animals. She also enjoys conducting educational seminars for animal owners.