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Dr John Stan

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Dr John Stan graduated from the Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC in 1988 and earned his license as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DrTCM). While growing his private practice over the years, he has actively participated with professional acupuncture and TCM organizations which contributed to the recognition of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture as a health profession within British Columbia in 1996. Since the regulation of TCM/Acupuncture in BC, he continues to remain active in regulatory affairs and has participated in a number of committees for both the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists in BC and Health Canada Natural Health Products Directorate.  

In addition to his regulatory contributions, Dr Stan has a patent on a dual tubed acupuncture needle delivery system now in use throughout the world.  In 2019, he and his partner developed the world’s first eco-friendly acupuncture needle. Using repurposed materials, and reduced packaging strategies, they were able to reduce needle waste from 60 to 90% depending on the brand being compared. In addition they created industry first accessories to maintain a clean field around an open multi-needle package such that the needles remained aseptic for hours after opening. To further enable practitioners to easily work with multi-needle packaging they developed an anchoring system to reduce needle spillage and control the active insertion tube location when switching needle sizes.  

In addition to his needle development work, he is also the senior advisor in the quality control department for medical devices and herbal products at Eastern Currents Ltd in Canada.

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Reducing Acupuncture Needle Waste