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Susie Willis

Communications Project Manager

Australia Australia

Susie Willis is the Communications Project Manager for CIVT. She completed a Bachelor of Applied Science Agriculture Degree in 1989 and has worked in animal related roles ever since. After graduating from university she moved to regional Australia and worked in intensive animal production – cattle, poultry and pig industries - for a few years before switching focus to companion animals.  She worked in a role spanning 18 years involving pet related communications with media, government and animal welfare stakeholders.

Susie started working with CIVT in 2018, she prepares the monthly newsletter and bi-annual CIVT journal, coordinates the webinar program and responds to inquiries. She lives with her husband in Balmain, Sydney, Australia, a small dog-loving suburb, very close to the city, surrounded by the harbour, with lots of historic homes and pubs. They have two sons and an 11 year old pre-loved Border Collie named Zing. Susie’s experience with natural therapies began around 15 years ago, when she was exploring treatment options for her dog. Her pets have since benefitted from acupuncture, herbs and a natural diet. She is a firm advocate for all animals and integrative medicine and loves being part of the CIVT team.