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Dr Nicole Rous

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Dr Nicole Rous is a highly skilled and dedicated veterinarian based in Melbourne, Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney and has spent many years honing her skills in various aspects of veterinary care. Dr Rous is the proud owner of Mont Albert Veterinary Surgery, a small animal clinic that focuses on providing top-quality healthcare to pets in the Melbourne area. Her passion for integrative medicine and holistic pet care has led her to explore alternative therapies and treatments, such as pet aromatherapy.

In 2019, Dr Rous completed a Certificate in Pet Aromatherapy through the Australian College of Aromatherapy, broadening her expertise in this area. She then combined her love for animals with her newfound knowledge to launch Shy Tiger, a pet-focused essential oil brand. Shy Tiger offers a range of natural products designed to target common health and lifestyle concerns in pets, including stress and dental hygiene.

Through both Mont Albert Veterinary Surgery and Shy Tiger, Dr Rous strives to empower pet owners with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions about their pets' health. She is a respected figure in the field of veterinary medicine, and her commitment to holistic pet care continues to make a significant impact on the lives of pets and their families across Australia.

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