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Dr Grant Hebel


United States of America United States of America
Podcast Guest

Dr Hebel was raised in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. His interest in veterinary medicine started at ten years of age, when his family dog became ill with parvovirus. He earned his DVM degree from Kansas State University in 1995. After graduation, he entered small animal private practice for a few years before enlisting as a veterinarian in the United States Army.

He served for eight years, three years in active duty, and five years in the reserves. He was deployed to the Middle East in 2003.

After leaving the military, Dr Hebel worked for a food science company doing nutritional analysis and bacteriological testing. Afterwards he worked for the Fremont Fire and Rescue as well as the Omaha Fire and Rescue Service as a paramedic for 7 years. He was also the co-founder of a brewery at that time as well.

In 2012, he and his wife, Dr Jennifer Hebel, founded Five Elements Veterinary Alternatives in Omaha, Nebraska. They offer acupuncture, chiropractic, rehabilitation, sound and vibrational therapy, nutritional and herbal therapy, and others. Dr Hebel received animal chiropractic training at Options for Animals and acupuncture training at Chi University.

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