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Dr Gundula Rhoades

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Dr Rhoades was born and educated in Germany. After earning her veterinary degree, in 1991 she moved to England and worked in a small animal practice for two years, then a mixed animal practice for five years.
She moved to New South Wales Australia in 1998. She and her husband raised Angus bulls. In 2002, she started Gowrie Veterinary Clinic, a mixed animal practice. It was initially located on the ranch, and eight years later moved to a new location in the town of Inverell.
Dr Rhoades was raising three children as a single mother while both practicing veterinary medicine and running the ranch when she decided to convert the ranch to organic. In that journey, she has become an expert on soil health, regenerative agriculture, gut health, and the relationship of food to both human and animal health.

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Dr Gundula Rhoades BVSc.

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