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Dr Clare Middle


Australia Australia
Faculty Course Tutors And Lecturers Podcast Guest

Dr Clare Middle BVMS CVAc CVHom is a veterinarian in Perth, Western Australia.

She was in the first year of vets to graduate from Murdoch University, WA in 1979.

She has used acupuncture to treat her dog and cat patients since 1981, and homeopathy and herbs since the mid 1980’s when she found they cured health issues in her own children that doctors could not help.

Clare owned and ran East Fremantle Veterinary Clinic from 1992 to 2004, during which time she had several vets and vet nurses, chiropractors and craniosacral therapists solving health issues for dogs, cats and birds, which normal vet treatments had not helped.

Clare was the inaugural president of the Integrative Vets Australia special interest group which was formed in 1996.

Since 2004, she has worked from a busy consulting only clinic, seeing small animal patients with persistent health issues, using natural diet, acupuncture, homeopathy, Western and Traditional Chinese herbology and kinesiology.

Clare wrote “Real Food for Dogs and Cats”, published by Fremantle Press in 2008, “Natural Prescription Diets for Dogs and Cats” in 2016 and her third book "Real Cat Food" in 2019.

She has a husband Garry, two children, Katey and Isaac, a labrador type dog ‘Juno’ and currently too many cats.

Her website is www.claremiddle.com for more information on using natural therapies for pets.