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Dr Liza Schneider

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Liza is one of New Zealand’s leading authorities in holistic animal healthcare. Growing up in South Africa, with majestic landscapes and rich diversity of wildlife, Liza’s childhood was full of incredible animal encounters. From a young age, Liza knew she would be a vet when she grew up. 

In 2003 Liza established award-winning Holistic Vets in Tauranga, a fully integrated veterinary practice combining conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary therapies, which is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Liza is also the founding trustee of ARRC Wildlife Trust, a charitable trust which provides veterinary care and services to rehabilitate wildlife, and has been the recipient of community awards.  Education is a key focus of ARRC, especially of children. To help achieve this ARRC has produced a series of children’s books illustrating the human impact on wildlife and what children can do to help.

Throughout her veterinary career, Liza has sought and applied complementary and natural therapies which are easy to learn, practical to apply, and highly effective at assisting her patients to heal. She has always believed that as a vet, it is not simply her job to practice veterinary science, but it is her responsibility to make sure that she always gives her patients the best possible care; knowing that she’s explored every option to enhance their health.

Over the years Liza has been recognised for her work in the community, her entrepreneurship, and her business acumen with several awards. In 2020 She was the recipient of the New Zealand Veterinary Association’s Veterinary Impact Award which is bestowed on an individual who has made a considerable positive impact on the veterinary profession.

Liza delights in educating, inspiring, and entertaining people about sustainable healthcare and the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

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Integrative Approach to Cancer Care
Integrative Approach to Cancer Care
Dr Liza Schneider BVSc
Sustainable Healthcare
Sustainable Healthcare
Dr Liza Schneider BVSc

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Naturally Healthy Pets with Dr Liza
3 Months
Natural Animal Health, Pet Owners
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